APIMASH Videos: Meetup+Bing Maps Starter Kit

Building a Meetup+Bing Maps Mashup for Windows 8

Continuing with the APIMASH initiative in the following days we will bring you several videos for the different starter kits.

Here is a direct link to the episode. 

About This video

The APIMash Starter Kits for Windows show you how to use public Web Service APIs (such as Bing, Edmunds, Tom-Tom, Twitter, Tumblr, Yelp, Meetup and many others) to create compelling Windows Apps.

These starter kits will provide you a scenario, an app concept and a rich data set so you can more quickly develop any type of app and in a language of your choice, HTML5/JS or XAML/C#. Each kit calls an API, de-serializes the JSON/XML payload, copies the results in a View Model and binds to UI controls.

In today’s episode Andrew Duthie demos for us the Meetup/ Bing Maps Starter Kit. It leverages the Meetup.com API to search for upcoming meetups near a given location, with optional keyword filtering.Once the meetups are retrieved, the starter kit maps a selected item, and queries the Bing Maps Search API for nearby coffee shops, and maps those as well.


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