Construct 2 Game Creation: Part IV Some of the examples

This one will be a short post. I just wanted to show you some of the examples that I will be discussing in the following posts related to Construct 2 and in the workshops and events prepared for the following weeks.

Super G 

This little game is an infinite jumper that puts cute up in the sky. 

You can also download this game from the Windows Store

Super G through the Storm

This one is inspired in the old school game Copter. You should maintain Super G flying in the center of the path avoiding the stormy clouds and the ground. Collect mora Smoothies to increase your score.

Super G Defense

A tower defense with a twist.

Super G Runner

 Super G continues his adventure looking for the best Smoothies around the world. This is an auto runner with a little gravity twist. 

Space Chain

 And here is the example that started it all. It is a simple example of how you can take construct 2 and make it your own.

You can also download this game from the Windows Store

I will be working in new starter kits and will continue to detail each one of them.

Next week more Space Chain, and if MGX allows me, the first post about Super G.


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