Windows Phone Summer Break

If you needed more reasons to get interested in Windows Phone development, let me throw this your way:

Until 08/27 you only have to pay $19 (normally $99 for individuals and companies) to start publishing your app in the Windows Phone store. If you want more information just follow this link or go directly and register here.

If you already downloaded the SDK and have some cool ideas in your mind, this is the perfect time to show the world your hard work.


  1. hi...Im student from Informatics engineering nice article,
    thanks for sharing :)

  2. Hi Mahasiswa, Sorry to answer so late to your comment, but I am really glad you liked the post.

    Do you have any other subjects you would like me to talk about?

  3. I have a Windows Phone Developer account. I Published a Game in 1 month i got about 3000 . then i found that i can't monetize my Games or Apps with Pubcenter or Prepaid Apps just because I'm from Tunisia. even that Windows Phone Have a Bad community not like Android or iPhone (no feedBack, always bad rating and else ..) . Windows Phone is very limited OS not like Android ( i started developing 2 Apps but i was blocked because limited stuff in WP)
    i think i was wasting my time learning developing in that OS.
    Windows Phone is very UNSUCCESSFUL OS


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