Publish your Windows 8 App in 3 Steps

A few days ago a friend of mine told me she wanted to start creating some cool projects on her free time, but had no idea where or how to start. As an answer to her, and many other developers that may find themselves in the same situation, I will posting in the following weeks about the many resources Microsoft has created to help you materialize that cool idea you have pounding your head.

We will start with the 3 short videos from the Technical Evangelist Jim O'Neil, where he tells us the easy steps to get your app in the store, passing through the simple certification process. This videos could help you regardless of the nature of your app, it could be the spiritual successor of Halo or the new ultra connected social network, you will still need to submit your app and Jim got you covered.

If you want to jump to a particular subject just check the links below the videos to get to the right one.

  • [00:28] Manifest editor: Application UI
  • [00:40] Required visual assets
  • [02:28] Manifest editor: Capabilities
  • [03:06] Privacy policy requirement
  • [03:45] Manifest editor: Declarations
  • [04:01] Manifest editor: Packaging

  • [00:47] Step 1: Application Name
  • [00:58] Step 2: Selling Details
  • [02:27] Step 3: Services
  • [03:38] Step 4: Age rating and rating certificates
  • [03:16] Step 5: Cryptography
  • [03:35] Step 6: Packages
  • [05:03] Step 6a: Windows Application Certification Kit (WACK)
  • [05:52] Step 6b: Uploading the .appxupload files
  • [06:17] Step 7: Description (including Privacy Policy)
  • [07:02] Step 8: Notes to testers
  • [07:27] Review and submit


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