News herding for the weekend

You may be ready to get a long weekend of rest and peace, but in case you have some time to read for a little while about the fascinating world of Microsoft, here are my top links for this week.

Windows Phone resources for Developers
Muhamad Umer compiles a nice list of resources to boost your Windows Phone development. Regardless of your experience you should find this article loaded with useful links.
What Language Are You Tweeting?
This article gives us a glimpse on the work of Moises Goldszmidt a principal researcher in the Microsoft Research team, and how better understanding of social media can help us to construct more advanced and natural tools for the future.

Fall 2013 Windows Tablet Preview
Paul Thurrott, you have heard of him right?, bring an entire lists of devices, confirmed and rumored, that will rock your world in the months to come. Are you a gadget fan? this is the list for you!

Play Xbox One early at a few Microsoft Stores
Are you ready to check the next generation of gaming??? A bunch of selected will have the privilege of testing the coolest platform in the world.

Getting Started With Windows Azure Mobile Services
You live with your head in the clouds? Maybe it is time for you to learn about Azure and paint your dreams a new color.

Alphega app uses augmented reality to bring your social networks to life...
This Windows Phone app will bring a totally new experience to your social world. I don't know about you, but I am testing this one during the weekend.

And that is all for this week. With some luck I will be able to get a couple of videos ready during the weekend and have new cool content for the next weeks. Ah! have you checked my new games?
Super G Chain Reaction ( and PacMarian ( are waiting for you in the store :)


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