Weekend links

While I am at SIEGE I will leave this group of links for your entertainment.

Publish your Windows Phone apps for free in the United States or Europe
Do you want some love from Nokia? They got you covered! If you send them a working prototype of your app you can qualify to get a bunch of goodies that includes One year of Windows Phone Developer Center membership.

Unity Game Starter Kit for Windows Store and Windows Phone Store games
This is perfect if you want to transfer your Unity games to the Windows platforms. You can experiment with this project and make it your own.

Copy my iTunes music to my phone
You are not the only one who has a massive collection of songs that should live in your Windows Phone. This short how-to will ease the transfer of your tunes and put your music where you need it the most.

Looking for student app developers. Imagine Cup 2014 is on!
This year I had the chance to see a live demo of the 2013 winning team, and it was awesome to see the kind of innovation that students around the world can put in development. Maybe you are going to be part of the elite of the new cup?

AdMob on Windows Phone 8
Now you have a way to integrate your AdMob goodies to your awesome WP apps.

More news at the start of the week (Including a short report of SIEGE).


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