Porting your Unity Games

What do you have to do on December 6th? Do you have a game created with Unity? You don't know how to port it to our platforms?

I think I have the right event for you:

Michael Macdonald and Bryan Griffiths tell you all about getting started with your port, the general considerations of porting a game, and how to create new games not only for one but TWO platforms!!! And all of that for FREE!! what's there not to love.
And don't forget that you can check this great event and many others at the Microsoft Virtual Academy, like the Gaming Engines for Windows 8 Jump Start.

BTW, have you checked my games???? http://bit.ly/diegosgames 


  1. Thanks a lot for the great info!

    1. I hope you get to apply everything you will learn Gordon. We are trying really hard to provide great content and help people create their own games. Currently working in any project?

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