Weekend links 11/23

This week was particularly exciting for all gamers, and finally the wait is over: Xbox One it's here!!!!! A new revolution in the gaming landscape has started. So let's check what we had this in the Ms land:

Xbox One: Top 10 features of Microsoft's next-gen console

More than a million Xbox One were sold in the first 24 hours, do you want to know why gamers were so excited?

My Games for the Holidays

I have created several games for this season, so, If you have a few minutes you can check my games, download them (for FREE) at the Windows Store.

Xbox One Kinect Voice Commands Cheat Sheet [Chart]

Now you have your cool Xbox One and are still trying to figure out how to make the best of the voice commands? This is the chart for you.

Microsoft wants your Xbox One wireless controller designs

Design an Xbox One Gamerpic and be a part of Xbox history!

Bing For Schools Search Engine Offers Stricter Privacy Controls And No Adverts

Bing for schools will bring a new set of features to help education efforts around the country.

With 10 million transactions per day, Windows Phone Store crosses 3 billion downloads

A few days ago I had a Troll following the well known path of "let's belittle your company without any real knowledge of the numbers". I find some online discussions pointless when it is so easy to see reality and see the continuous growth of our products. 


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