New Year Game Resolutions

The year 2013 will be remembered for all the changes it brought me, especially in the gaming department. If you have been reading my posts you may know I have published over 20 games in the Windows StoreYou can download them all for FREE and, if you have some time please leave some feedback.

I was able to use those games to connect with the local game developer community and lay them as a base for many beginners to create their own first games.

But a new year is almost here and it is time to think ahead. This is my list of gaming resolutions for 2014.

New Versions: Improve, Fix and Expand

Most of my games have reached a nice number of downloads and feedback, but they were intended to be templates to cover the basics with Construct 2. During 2014 I want to polish many of these games and deliver a solid experience that pleases not only the game devs but any player that would like to try my games. A good example is Hang Me Christmas, this holiday hangman game has a nice mechanic that can be improved and reach a new level. Common feedback request the inclusion of hints for the words and improved graphics. Now I have almost a year to deliver a new experience, hopefully with a couple of twists that will delight all the family.


I usually hate when Hollywood creates a senseless stream of sequels, but some of my games have just scratched the surface of a particular mechanic or character and deserve a new revision. On top of polishing the published versions many games should receive a new version that takes the game to a new direction. An example could be Pacmarian

This game started as a simple demo that mixed elements of two classic games in a stylish platformer, but the mechanics that I could include are endless. Maybe it is time to introduce Marian's sister, Luisa, and add an incredible amount of powerups and gigantic levels.

New Graphics

By the end of the year I found some cool game assets in opengameart and other cool sites. I have also tried to be creative in how to create my own assets and integrate from different sources. But it is time to collaborate more with the local community and create epic visual experiences. With enough time I should be able to create cool things for my games and for others' too. If you care to check my improvement compare my first and last games, Space Chain and Cube Defenders, and you will notice the difference.

Art can be found at:

Year Long Projects

A game created in a couple of weeks can not compare with one that takes several months. I already have a few ideas for longer and polished games, and I will have to struggle to have enough time and motivation to keep them alive, but if I do the results could be amazing.

New Tutorials

I have already created some cool tutorials:
Create your own Christmas Game. One hour long video.
My 1st Game with Construct 2. Five part video tutorial with a version in Spanish.
Construct 2 Game Creation. Incredibly detailed blog posts that covers the basics with Construct 2, with it equally popular version in Spanish.

But I know I can create more. So the resolution is to create a tutorial for every game I create, that way not only you will be able to play and test my creations, but take your time and learn all the tricks and publish your own games. Also, you will be able to criticize and improve on my work, I am learning as I create new games, so all your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Well, that's it. I have many more projects, goals and resolutions, but I wanted to keep it realistic and start with something I can achieve, and keep pushing hard to create cool games and connect with great developers. what are your resolutions for this new year?


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