Weekend Links 01/26

To continue my small tradition to bring you interesting links during the weekend I offer you this post.

New app controls, simpler certification requirements, added to the Windows Store for developers

I have always been surprised on how simple and straightforward the certification process is at the Windows Store, but we are always working to make things easier and faster for our developers. One of the best changes have to do with tweaking the time you desire to publish your app, this way your marketing efforts can be aligned with the time your app is available to the general public.

My New Games

To start the year I have focused on creating a couple of new game templates. So far I can show you Tainted Love and  Doodle Bombs.
Check my other games at http://bit.ly/diegosgames

Read how Microsoft engineered its Surface Touch Cover for maximum productivity

If you have not tried  a Surface before you should go your closest BestBuy and see how awesome they are. Just saying.

Medical researchers are finding incredible uses for Microsoft’s Kinect

Kinect is the sum of incredible technologies that are finding several uses not only in the gaming fields. Now I will close my eyes and dream of an UI that mixes the best of Minority Report and Her.

As of March 13, Windows Azure storage will cost less than Amazon Web Services in many regions worldwide

If your head is constantly in the clouds, this could be a great announcement for you. Now Azure is going to be even more competitive and bring you the ultimate experience in cloud computing. Are you willing to try it?

Nokia shows off the perks of using the Lumia 1020 over a DSLR

I am incredibly happy with my Lumia 928, but I have to say I get jealous every time I see the incredible quality of the 1020's pictures. I should  figure out how to get my hands on one of these beautiful devices.

I hope you liked these links and give me your opinion on the different covered topics. Get some rest and get ready for a new week.


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