Weekend Links 03/01

And we are back! Lots of announcements were made during the last week in the middle of the heat of the MWC in Barcelona. I have some links for you about that and other cool subjects.

Microsoft Triples the Number of Windows Phone OEMs

The Windows Phone family is growing, and you should take a piece of the pie creating apps for the fastest growing mobile platform. Just sign up here!

Flappy in the Storm

For Windows 8: http://bit.ly/flappywin8 
For Windows Phone:  http://bit.ly/flappystorm
My latest game, following the tried and true game mechanics of the classic copter. If you are interested in having the original project and create your own game, just let me know!

New Incentive: Bring your game made with Unity to Windows Store and Windows Phone

You are one of the motivated developers that are using Unity 3D to bring to life your cool games? now you have even more reasons to bring your game to the Microsoft platforms! What are you waiting for?

Using Portable Class Libraries with Xamarin

Just to continue the multi platform development theme, this is a great video from Channel 9 that will give a boost to your Xamarin projects.

Microsoft Names 65 Developers Signed to ID@Xbox

Great news for indies and gamers alike. ID@Xbox is taking giant steps and welcoming an incredible group of developers that will bring the Indie spirit to the Xbox. Gamers, be ready, new shiny things appear in your future.

How to browse the .NET Reference Source

More cool info from Channel 9. This time they will give you some tips on how to get the best of the incredible resources Microsoft offers to all developers.

Get 100 GB of OneDrive storage through new Bing Rewards special offer

You want even more space in the cloud? Don;t worry, OneDrive has everything you need.

The Garage

Get a sneak peak on an incredible place inside Microsoft where the wildest dreams feel at home.

I hope you enjoy your weekend reading and get your energy back for the week. Big changes are coming my friends.


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