Cortana, take me to the future. Weekend links 04/05

You may have been paying attention this week to BUILD, the coolest Microsoft year conference for developers and, if you are anything like me, you were surprise by many of the announcements.

Today I bring you some links to get a general idea of what was going on, but if  you want to get all the details just go to Channel 9 and check the videos of the key notes and different sessions.

Live Demo: New Windows Phone Start Screen and Cortana

Windows Phone is an excellent OS, but it is bound to be even greater. In this video Joe Belfiore introduce the new Windows Phone 8.1 Start Screen as well as Cortana, the most personal smartphone assistant. I have to say that the demos presented on Build were awesome, and can't wait to be able to start using Cortana in all her awesomeness.
If you want to read even more about these great news you can check this link, and this one and one more for the road.

Microsoft to developers at Build: You have the power

With this link you will have a great overview of some of the most amazing announcements at BUILD. But do not worry, there is even more.

Extending platform commonality through universal Windows apps

If you still had any doubts that developing for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone was a breeze, this is the link for you.

Now you will have the chance to easily create Universal Apps, and use the core code in for apps that run in your phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. On top of that you will be able to customize the UI to offer a great experience in every device and show your incredible ideas to the world.

Just a few more related links so you can get different opinions and form a better idea on the subject:

Windows App Studio Beta: Create an app for both Windows Phone and Windows in one session, no code needed 

Just to follow the same trend of the previous link, I leave you this pearl about Windows App Studio. In a few clicks you can have a cool looking Universal App. This week I should try it myself and create an app around my own blog. What do you think about that?

Microsoft's seven biggest Windows platform reveals at Build 2014

 I am not certain if I would pick the same top seven reveals, but since this Build was full of announcements I guess you have to do some sacrifices. It is also interesting to hear some one else's take on the entire subject.

One Microsoft for developers, everywhere

One more take on the different news at Build. This one more focused on development.

Xamarin and the .NET Foundation

Since cross platform development was such an important subject during the conference, is not bad to hear what the guys at Xamarin have to say on the entire subject. Of course you should also check Miguel de Icaza's intervention during the Key note.

It is an Azure Day

In case you haven't noticed, Azure is a big part of the future of Microsoft, to the point that it was noted that "BUILD 2014 reveals the cloud side of Nadella's Microsoft" and more than one should have been amazed when Microsoft announced new cloud experience and tools to deliver the cloud without complexity. The Azure guys keep delivering an incredible experience that is storming the industry.


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