Weekend Links 04/12

We are still trying to process all the information we got at BUILD, but new announcements and cool news appear every day. Here I give you some cool links for your weekend.

Building Apps for Windows

If you were not able to catch the incredible notes and sessions at BUILD, in the following link you will see a great list that has the different videos sorted by common themes for your viewing pleasure.

Deep dive: Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 RC and Azure SDK 2.3

This post will help you to stay up to date with Azure and the incredible integration offered in Visual Studio.

Azure Developer Camp

Last Thursday I had the pleasure to present the Azure Developer Camp in Alpharetta. I had the incredible collaboration of Glen Gordon, from Agile Thought. It was a great experience and I think all attendees had something new to learn about our incredible cloud platform.
You can check this link to see if you have more events in your area: 

Or, if you can't make it you still can assist to our virtual even on 04/23 and 04/24:

Bing Translator plugin for your WordPress Site

This open community created an awesome plugin for your Wordpress sites. Use Bing's power to help users from all around the world to have access to your content.

Top Windows Phone Games from the WPCentral Team

Great list of games for your Windows Phone, I particularly enjoyed Rayman Fiesta Run. Do not forget to check my Windows Phone Games.

Step-by-Step: Build Your Cloud with System Center 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012 R2, Hyper-V and Microsoft Azure

Keith Mayer brings us more Azure goodies. This year is definitely taking an Azure tone and it will only get better.

How to Pin Anything to Your Windows Phone's Start Screen

Not much to comment about this one, the title says it all.

Ok guys, I hope you have an Azure weekend and let me know what you think of the different articles.


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