We are back! Week links 05/15

After a few days off welcoming the newest member of my family I am back to bring you some cool links for this week.

Windows 7 and 8.1 now usable in Azure virtual machines

It seems that every month we have a big announcement in one event or another. Now you will find in the Azure VM gallery images for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. To make the deal even sweeter you can check Yung Chou's awesome blog post that will give you a step by step explanation on the entire process. 

Microsoft Office Mix reinvents the PowerPoint experience

You are crazy about Power Point, it is your bread and butter. Well, be prepared by the new experience that we have in store for you with more interactive elements. Take a look and get ready to mix it.

Microsoft Research releases Time Of My Life app for Windows Phone

More love for your Windows Phone. Now, directly from our research wizards, you will have an app that keeps track of the important places in your life.

Integrate Azure, Visual Studio Online and Office 365 with VSO Rest APIs.

This time I will take the words directly from the article: "With the just released Visual Studio Online Rest APIs you can do some wonderful things."

Use Zello on Windows Phone as a walkie-talkie

Even more news for all the Windows Phone lovers. New cool apps and experiences every day.

Trying just to take it easy for the week, I will leave you until this weekend for more news, links and content. I have to get back to publish even more games!!!


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