Links for your weekend

Many of you may be leaving to take a couple of days off, so I better get you a good share of news for you to check on your spare time. Because, why not?

Backup and restore your app on Windows Phone 8.1, Part 1: Start screen

Windows Phone 8.1 improves the platform's abilities to backup and restore as a way to ease migration from one phone to another.
This article gives you a great start for you to understand the entire process.

Blu, Prestigio and Yezz: new companies designing Windows Phones

News directly from Computex. New partners join the Windows Phone team to create devices in the entire price spectrum. Come and take a look.

Sphero comes to Windows and Windows Phone

Small robot ball? Checked. Windows Phone support? Checked. Great fun for the weekend? It is totally up to you :)

Microsoft Opens Up Xbox One Controller to Windows

Paul Thurrott will tell you all about using your Xbox One controller for your PC games. It may be the best mix of these two worlds.
I could not resist to include the image Paul included in his article because: How cool is that? Ah?

Twitter, Vine, HBO GO, Showtime Anytime, Comedy Central, and MLG among 45+ New Experiences Coming to Xbox

The Xbox team keeps giving. New content, new experiences, new cool factor. Go and check it out.

Life 360 allows you to keep tabs on your family, now on Windows Phone

Life 360 will bring a new experience on how to keep connected with your family.


The top 3 apps submitted for the the Imagin8 Mission are here.

That would  all for now. I hope you enjoy the links.


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