Weekend Links 08/16

After some days off I am back with renewed energy and lots of news, of course.

Now is the time to Develop Windows Universal Apps!

Not long ago I had the privilege to meet Michael Crump in one of his presentations in a local meetup in the Microsoft offices. In this article Michael is sharing with us the important commitment of Telerik to the development of solutions using the amazing development stack provided in the form of the Universal Apps. What are you waiting for? take a look at the advantages you can enjoy with this new way to do things with our technologies.

Construct 2 Game Development by Example: A review

You may have already checked my review of this excellent book to create games using Construct 2. If not, this is your opportunity to take a look and decide if this is the best way for you to start your Game Dev adventures.

Buy the book at: http://bit.ly/1pDF6C4 

NFLRUSH brings fantasy football and prizes to kids on Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 

Many young kids will rejoice to have this new addition to the Windows Store (And the WP Store too)  I will still have to take a look at this entire thing of the Fantasy League, I may have found my hobby :)  

Do you automatically save your Windows Phone photos to OneDrive?

If you still have not turned on this incredible feature on your Windows Phone you are missing a great productivity opportunity. Check this succinct explanation on how to get your system ready to sync with OneDrive.

TWC9: Compile like it's 1992, Hyperlapse your GoPro, CocosSharp and more...

The Channel 9 is back and, among many other things, brings you the official announcement for Cocos Sharp, the newest cross platform library to create 2D games, based in the popular Cocos2D. It seems that now I have more toys to play with.

Nextgen Reader For Windows Phone Updated With Better OneNote Integration

Nextgen Reader is one of the many news apps that I use in my phone, so it is great to see how new updates bring better integration with OneNote, plus the always expected performance improvements. Take a look and make sure to let your suggestions be known to the developers.

Almost 1AM, so I better let you start your weekend and go to sleep.


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