OpenShift Insider 0914

As you may have seen in my previous post, I recently started working at Red Hat.

Part of my job is to show the many advantages of the OpenShift  ( and use the OpenShift blog to connect with the developer community.

So, today I am starting a new space in my blog to talk regularly about OpenShift and all the incredible content created by my team.

The first two posts I would like to share with you are:
Lovebeauty by Liang Cheng | New in the App Gallery and
Operational Dashboard for OpenShift 3 and Kubernetes – Commons Briefing #19

Lovebeauty by Liang Cheng

I this OpenShift Developer Spotlight we get to know more about Mr. Liang Cheng, his application Lovebeauty and the reasons why he picked OpenShift to host it.

OpenShift Commons Briefing #19

OpenShift Commons exists to provide a platform for customers, partners, developers and other open source technology initiatives to collaborate, share and accelerate the pace of innovation and adoption of OpenShift globally. In this video, Red Hat experts Ju Lim and Serena Doyle of the User Experience Design Team, walk us through the dashboard for Kubernetes clusters and OpenShift 3 in CloudForms.

You can find a Playlist of all previously recorded briefings on YouTube.


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